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Posted by avantpop - January 25th, 2009

I normally don't do this, but I'm helping a friend spread the word...

<shameless promotion>

My bud Kyle Newman's movie "Fanboys" is about to come out in theaters in like 2 weeks. I saw it in November and if you're a fan at all of Star Wars, you should totally check it out. Tons of great cameos. Plus, you'll get to see what Skywalker Ranch is really like!


also... his lovely wife, Jamie King, is in My Bloody Valentine 3d so you should do a Double Feature!!! OK I haven't seen that one yet, so I can't fully vouch for it, but my bud Haydn Porter says "How can you not like a film with naked chicks and 3d pickax killers"

</shameless promotion>

OK, I think I've used up my quota of name dropping for the time being. If you catch me at it again, please feel free to hit me over the head with a shovel.

Posted by avantpop - October 6th, 2008

Been doing a lot of work on Super Console Wars lately. I have completely redone most of the character artwork and backgrounds. I've been fighting against flash for the past few years trying to get my new character animation techniques simplified and easier to produce ... and then comes the announcement of flash cs4. I knew it was coming and most of the upgrades already, the main two I'm interested in are the 3d manipulation of movie clips and the inverse kinematics.

After the official announcement I came super close to stopping work on the series until the new software was available. It just didn't make sense to continue on with some super time saving measures coming up in the new version of the software. Thankfully adobe is giving me and other flash10 camp attendees free versions of the software this coming friday. So my production schedule won't have to be altered.

In addition to super console wars I've got some other cartoons in the works. A new Cobra centric version of the other half, that's more disturbing than the original, a couple quickies based upon what happens at a clown's funeral, and something extra gross, but lovingly crafted.

Can't wait for you all to see this stuff. It's going to be rad.

Posted by avantpop - August 7th, 2008

So yeah - it's been like forever. Had to focus on business and cartoons that were making me money. Anyway there is some cool news I can give you.

A lot has changed since the first episode of super console wars. Nintendo has risen from the ashes and become a casual pheonix with the Wii. Sony has dropped the ball, and microsoft ... well they haven't changed much, but they sure do look a lot better than Sony.

I'm revamping this a bit. Using some new software to speed up the process and also make the cartoons look 100x better. Additionally I actually have a guest star. We recorded stuff late last winter. Who is it? A friend ... A chick ... into video games ... loves Star Wars ... is a fan of Super Console Wars ... and is a Playboy Model.

Alright, enough of the teasing. It's Haydn Porter - http://www.haydnporter.com & http://www.myspace.com/haydnporter. If you haven't heard of her, she's been on stern a few times, got in a big fight with Awesome Angelo, made coed of the week & month and most recently was featured on Playboy's All Naturals.

She'll be replacing Princess Zeia as Princess Pleia - the pun name is fitting for her in three ways. She loves Leia's slave outfit (which you can see more of on her site), she totally diggs princess peach, and she's totally a player ... Ha!

Anyway, I'm attaching some new character designs. This is pretty indicative of what the rest of the cast will look like in the new episodes. They probably won't be as long as the original ones. Just as much content overall, but I want to minimize the time between episodes.

Talk to you soon!


New Super Console Wars Episodes will launch soon...