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New Super Console Wars Episodes will launch soon...

2008-08-07 04:55:32 by avantpop

So yeah - it's been like forever. Had to focus on business and cartoons that were making me money. Anyway there is some cool news I can give you.

A lot has changed since the first episode of super console wars. Nintendo has risen from the ashes and become a casual pheonix with the Wii. Sony has dropped the ball, and microsoft ... well they haven't changed much, but they sure do look a lot better than Sony.

I'm revamping this a bit. Using some new software to speed up the process and also make the cartoons look 100x better. Additionally I actually have a guest star. We recorded stuff late last winter. Who is it? A friend ... A chick ... into video games ... loves Star Wars ... is a fan of Super Console Wars ... and is a Playboy Model.

Alright, enough of the teasing. It's Haydn Porter - http://www.haydnporter.com & http://www.myspace.com/haydnporter. If you haven't heard of her, she's been on stern a few times, got in a big fight with Awesome Angelo, made coed of the week & month and most recently was featured on Playboy's All Naturals.

She'll be replacing Princess Zeia as Princess Pleia - the pun name is fitting for her in three ways. She loves Leia's slave outfit (which you can see more of on her site), she totally diggs princess peach, and she's totally a player ... Ha!

Anyway, I'm attaching some new character designs. This is pretty indicative of what the rest of the cast will look like in the new episodes. They probably won't be as long as the original ones. Just as much content overall, but I want to minimize the time between episodes.

Talk to you soon!


New Super Console Wars Episodes will launch soon...


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2008-08-10 19:35:00

Good to see your back man!

avantpop responds:

Hey thanks!

I should have some new stuff up soon. Got a few irons in the fire that I want to get online before I totally lose it.


2008-08-22 09:37:44

can't wait for it!

avantpop responds:

Sweet! I hope I don't dissappoint.


2008-08-24 18:25:00

Hi. I don't know if you remember me, but I used to do beta testing for you eons back (and I still have the DVD you made of Episodes 1 - 3). Man, it is so good to hear that you'll actually be continuing this. I wonder, though, does this mean you're putting up an alternate version of Episode 3? There were many good jokes in Episode 3, but the 3-D glasses effect didn't work very well and only seemed to get in the way of watching it on the DVD and just left my friends and I wishing the 3-D effects hadn't been there at all.

Anyways, these days I've gotten into Flash animation myself (though not nearly as impressive looking as anything you've ever made).

(Updated ) avantpop responds:

Hey I totally remember you. Thanks for all the testing and feedback. I agree on the 3d it was a fun gimmic, but it really needed a perfectly calibrated monitor to really look right. Since part 3d flash now supports all the stuff I need to be able to do 3d on the fly, so all the new parts will offer a 3d on and off button, with some divergent jokes depending on whether it's on or off. Part three never really existed totally in flash, most of it was animated in flash, but compiled in After Effects to add the 3d effect.

Mmy thoughts are to do Special Editions of the original three parts and complete the fourth one. I'll monkey with them like lucas, adding some "deleted" scenes. And chopping them up into more bite sized 2 to 3 minute parts. From there I'm going to be doing the rest using the same smaller format - I have jokes and scripts written for at least The Gamepire Strikes Once Again. Of course they all be here on newgrounds.com, but I'm also going to make these all available for free as an HD podcast on itunes for those of you with HDTV's.

Can't wait to be back in the swing of things, and thanks for remembering me! It's hard to believe it's been over 6 years since the original episode and people still know what it is! Thanks Everyone!