A quickie update

2008-10-06 05:19:13 by avantpop

Been doing a lot of work on Super Console Wars lately. I have completely redone most of the character artwork and backgrounds. I've been fighting against flash for the past few years trying to get my new character animation techniques simplified and easier to produce ... and then comes the announcement of flash cs4. I knew it was coming and most of the upgrades already, the main two I'm interested in are the 3d manipulation of movie clips and the inverse kinematics.

After the official announcement I came super close to stopping work on the series until the new software was available. It just didn't make sense to continue on with some super time saving measures coming up in the new version of the software. Thankfully adobe is giving me and other flash10 camp attendees free versions of the software this coming friday. So my production schedule won't have to be altered.

In addition to super console wars I've got some other cartoons in the works. A new Cobra centric version of the other half, that's more disturbing than the original, a couple quickies based upon what happens at a clown's funeral, and something extra gross, but lovingly crafted.

Can't wait for you all to see this stuff. It's going to be rad.


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2008-10-15 23:52:11

YAY Thanks for the word that Console Wars is still being worked on and not forgotten! Go ahead and take your time to get it right! I'm looking forward to see it! ^_^


2009-06-06 01:17:55

Any word on when Super Console Wars will be finished? It's been forever since the trailer was released.